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Membership Payment

"First 150 members never pay, ever!".

The Small Brand Network has limited value without members. It is for this reason, that the first 150 brands WILL NOT PAY ANYTHING for their membership, EVER!

To claim this free membership as part of our launch, use the following discount code:


For any member that joins without the above discount code, the standard membership price of

$3 AUD per month

will apply.

Weren't aware a tSBN membership had a price? Check out the FAQs for an explanation as to why this fee is charged.

Concerned about secure payment through tSBN? tSBN uses Stripe, the same service used by Lyft, Wish, Deliveroo, Kickstarter and Under Armour for processing payments, for proven security.

We understand that trying something new can be daunting, which is why tSBN has been set up to make the jump as comfortable as possible. If you have any questions, then please get in touch!

Terms Of Service

To become a member of tSBN, you must accept our Terms Of Service (TOS) first. Our TOS will be at the bottom of the following membership checkout page, but, if you would prefer, click here to be taken to the TOS page now.


Payment for tSBN membership can only be made via credit card. The credit cards accepted at this time are Visa and MasterCard.

As stated above, the monthly charge is $3 AUD per month. Therefore, if your payment is being made in a currency that is not AUD, expect it to appear as more or less on your bank statement, as a result of exchange rates and any other fees that may be included by YOUR OWN bank.


As explained at "More On Membership", the username that you enter during the checkout process CANNOT be changed. Future updates may allow for username modification, however at present this is not possible.

Please select your username carefully.