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Said simply, tSBN is designed to be a network that facilitates relationships between entrepreneurs and brand owners.


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Becoming A Member

After reading through the information on the "Register" page, there is a "I'M READY TO JOIN" button that will take you to the "Membership Checkout". Here, you'll need to provide a username, password and email. Please take care when selecting your username, as they cannot be changed.

Then, you'll also need to supply your banking details, enter a discount code if you have one, and accept the Terms Of Service (TOS) before being able to submit the details.

Once submitted and approved, the site will direct you to the "Membership Confirmation" page. As stated on the confirmation page, a welcome email with your initial membership invoice and summary of account information entered will be sent to the email used during registration. To access your invoice history, as well as view and/or change your billing details, simply navigate to "Membership Account" using the panel at the left of your screen and select the correct page.

As there is no confirmation required for membership, do not be worried if you haven't received an email (be sure to check your spam folder also). You can still access your member account with your username and password used to register. If you haven't received an email, check your email address supplied was correct.

Now that you are a member of tSBN, it is recommended that you login to your account as soon as possible, to edit the “Brand Info” profile fields that were not completed when joining (to make the membership checkout simpler and faster).

Profile Fields

Why are the profile fields so important?

The Small Brand Network has been created to make networking between brand owners and entrepreneurs faster and simpler than ever before. This is done by bringing as many of these people into the same place, and then providing a variety of options to filter the member base using the profile fields. Therefore, completing and updating the “Brand Info” fields on your profile regularly has a direct impact on your ability to find and be found by members.

How do I edit the profile fields?

To edit your profile, hover over or click on (for mobile) your profile menu at the top right of your screen. Then go to "Profile" and "Edit". By default you will be taken to the screen for editing your "Contact Info", however beside "Contact Info" is a button labelled "Brand Info" that will allow you to edit the fields that members use for searching. After editing, make sure to select "Save Changes" below the profile fields.  

What are the profile fields?

Below is a list of the profile fields (with descriptions) that members can complete and use to find or be found by members.

If you think that the list of fields could be increased or improved, then please contact tSBN team with your suggestion(s). The value of this network depends on your satisfaction.

Online Presence: What/where is your online presence? Do you have a single site? A blog and a site? An Instagram account linked to an online store? Matching Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts? Select whatever applies to you.

Other: If none of the options can be combined to represent your online presence, then simply add your information using the provided text box. If you feel that your information would be similar to that of many others, justifying the addition of another option, then be sure to contact the tSBN team with your suggestion as already mentioned.

Account: Here you can provide a URL for your account (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, website etc.), or your preferred account if you have multiple. By doing this, other members who may be interested in working with you can get a better understanding of your presence, products and/or services, marketing strategy and more, prior to contacting you.

Target Market Gender: Are your products and/or services only for males, females or both? This will impact which members can work together and how.

Target Market Age: Are you interested in a specific age group? Or does age not matter? Once again, for some members this will determine who is beneficial to work with.

Category: Select one or more categories that are relevant to your brand.

Other: If none of the available categories are applicable to you, use this field to provide an appropriate description.

Current Interest(s): What type of collaboration(s) are you MOST interested in with other members? If you have no specific intentions, simply select "Anything".

Note: This option is a guide. We recommend that members always contact each other to discuss any potential partnerships.

Brand Location: Where is your brand's HQ? A member's location is important for members that must meet in person to work together for each other's benefit, for example aspiring photographers shooting for a recently launched fitness wear label, YouTubers seeking collaborations and more.

Other: If your brand is not based in Perth, please specify where it is located.

Note: Please ensure that your spelling is correct and the name(s) for your location are printed in full.

Extra: An extra text box, that you can use to add any more details about your brand if you wish. This will be useful to members who visit your member profile and want more information.

Searching Members

How do I use the fields to find members? 

Method 1: Quick Single Field Search

After updating your profile, return to the basic viewing mode for your profile. To do this, simply go to "Profile" and select "View". Now when you scroll down to "Brand Info", you'll notice that the details you have provided have become clickable links. When you click on an option, for example Instagram, the site will redirect you to a list with every member who has also selected Instagram as an account. Using this method for searching only allows filtering by one field at a time, however it is quick from a member's profile if one field is all you're interested in.

Method 2: Advanced Multi Field Search

For members who need greater search refinement, go to the "Members" page/directory in the panel at the left of your screen. When open, the advanced search form's default state is hidden. Simply click on the "Hide/Show Form" toggle link to view the form. With this search form, you can now select multiple fields to refine tSBN's member directory.

Once you click search, at the top of the page will be the fields that you have selected to refine the member directory with, and option to quickly clear all fields.

tSBN For Mobile

At this time, there is no tSBN app available for mobile devices. Although an app is planned for the future, with tSBN's mobile responsive design the website functions and looks great (maybe even best on mobile devices) regardless of what you view the site on. For those who want the 'near-app' experience however, simply use the "Add to Home Screen" option available to both Android and Apple users. Accessing tSBN will now just be a matter of clicking on the icon saved on your home screen.

Not convinced?

If you're still unsure how tSBN can benefit your brand, please contact our support team! Contacting us is free, just be sure to include details about your brand's size and online presence. We'll happily do what we can to help show you the value of tSBN.