What are backlinks?


Want more web traffic and a higher ranking in searches?

If yes, then it’s time that you gained a better understanding of backlinks.

Short and sweet, a backlink is the term given to a link created between two sites. When a site links to yours, they’re creating a link back (backlink) to your site.

In fact, chances are that you’ve created backlinks previously to other sites from your site or blog, without knowing that this is what they were called, nor their power.

Backlinks can increase your content’s search engine ranking. In other words, they could be the difference between your site or blog appearing on the first page of search results or the tenth page (this is just an example, as only Google know the true value given to backlinks).

A higher search ranking is Google’s way of suggesting that you could be a more credible source of information, and of course normally equates to more traffic. If you sell services or products, then more traffic increases the probability of more sales.

As simple as we have made backlinks sound, don’t be fooled. Not all backlinks are equal, and some can do your site more harm than good.

It is for this reason that we recommend any members of tSBN read the below three articles (an example of backlinks) which discuss backlinks in more detail:

What Are Backlinks in SEO and What Are The Advantages of Backlinks?

What Are Backlinks and Do They Still Matter?

How Backlinks Can Boost Traffic to Your Website.

Note: There is no affiliation between tSBN and any of the above authors. We’re simply trying to give you some of the best free information and resources that we can.

The above articles explain what makes a good backlink, how search engines filter different backlinks and more.

Once you are familiar with the power of backlinks, you’ll want to start creating them. Sure, you could pay for backlinks, but expect your short-term success to be followed by destruction of your site over time, even leading to removal from Google’s index (as explained in the above articles).

Two safe and proven options that you do have for accumulating backlinks, that can be made far easier by becoming a member of tSBN are:

1. Writing for other sites and blogs, and

2. Reaching out to the authors of content relevant to yours and negotiating backlinks.

So why use tSBN for achieving the above?

Firstly, there’s the opportunity to find brands that you never knew about, and probably would never have found without countless hours of mind-numbing Google searches. You can find brands FAST with the advanced search we provide, that filters the member directory according to information that you and other members provide after registering.

This information that you and other members submit is explained in greater depth at “More On Membership”, in the navigation menu at the top left of the site.

Once you do find brands that you want to write for who are a member of tSBN, there is a greater chance that they will accept your proposal to do so, as like you, they have joined the network to cooperate with other brands and entrepreneurs to achieve success.

Alternatively, you can search for blogs and sites with content that is relevant to yours, knowing that when you do find such brands, they’re likely to be in favor of negotiating if quality backlinks are possible.

In short tSBN helps you find brands that you want for backlinks faster, with a higher probability of success.