What is cross promotion?


Simply, cross promotion is a marketing strategy whereby two brands partner together, and promote each other’s services or products in front of their own audience.

Perhaps one of the most recent and well-known examples of this, is the partnership between Google and KitKat (yes, the chocolate bar). 50 million KitKat wrappers featured Google’s android branding, yet no money was exchanged. You can read more about it here.

Rather than reinvent the wheel to an extent, Entrepreneur have discussed cross promotion in sufficient depth in their article “5 Smart Ways to Integrate Cross-Promotion With Online Marketing”. We suggest that every member and potential members read this, if your brand’s success is important to you.

Your next challenge, after understanding the various cross promotion strategies, is finding a brand or brands to engage in cross promotion with, that will benefit all members involved. Here, the value of tSBN becomes clearer.

When you become a member, you join a global database of entrepreneurs and small brand owners. You can then filter members by their online presence (platforms), target market gender and/or age, country of residence, state of residence, city/town of residence, and industry their brand belongs to, with more options to be added shortly.

With tSBN, you can find and partner with ideal brands anywhere in the world, brands that you may never have otherwise known about.

But, if you’re still unsure, consider this. Two years ago (2015), nearly half of all millennials were influenced by social media when making a purchase, a figure that is undoubtedly greater now.

Now think about the potential for cross promotion to significantly boost your social media presence. With a greater presence, you have a greater influence.

With a greater influence, you have greater sales.

And with online retail sales exceeding $20 billion in 2016, is tSBN not therefore, with its ability to increase a brand’s online influence, an inexpensive yet worthwhile investment at only $3 USD per month?